Monday, July 6, 2009

Meeting update!

I just wanted to update you on the meeting!
The meeting went well. We have offically added a few new board members: Neal Butler, Nicole Smith & Shannon Hall- Jones.
We will have a second barn work day in August. A date has not been set yet! The arena needs a gate & some other things need to be completed. We have also decided to host Birthday Party Pony Rides as a fundraiser for Leap of Faith. You can call Leap of Faith and schedule a birthday party for your child. (Details later) We will have an Opening day celebration in the FALL! We are trying to invite Paul Daily to our opening day celebration. We have also discussed having "Cowboy Church" at Leap of Faith. A date has not yet been set. We have invited the Excel Special needs class over as field trip when school starts, in the Fall. We may need volunteers on that day to help with the kids & horses. We will have pony rides at the Excel Homecomming & Christmas parade. We will need volunteers to help with these events as well. Thanks so much to everyone who is helping or supporting for these events!!!

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