Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meeting -Cowboy Church Details!!

Hey Yal!! Cowboy Church will be June 19, 2010. Trail Ride starts @ 2:00PM. We will be riding 8 miles. 5:00 PM Hamburger & Hotdog, chips, drink & dessert, Supper ($5.00), Worship Band from Eastwood Baptist church, Guest speaker "Slim" David Dorcett. We are all so excited about this event!

During the meeting we discussed needing a cover for the arena. Some people that attend LOFHM are on medication that causes them to be sensitive to the heat & sun. So to make it more comfortable for them we would like to build a cover for the arena. That is our goal for this year.

We are selling Tee-shirts as a fundraiser. We will give you a shirt for donating or you can purchase them for $12.00 each.

Horse club meeting June 11, 2010- 6-8PM. this is for anyone interested in horses & learning more about them.

We have several Autistic people coming out to LOFHM. It is such great fun seeing the joy they get from just being around the horses.

Paul Daily has agreeded to come to LOFHM May 2011!! We are looking forward to watching him work with a "wild" horse.

God is AWESOME!! He is never changing & he provides everything we need!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Check out Leap of Faith Horse Ministry on Facebook! I try to keep things posted on FB when I can!! So for a quick update check us out!! :)