Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello!!- update!!!

We had a great meeting last night! Thanks to those who came to the meeting!! :)
We have alot going on these days!! So very exciting!! I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it all!!
God is really working in our ministry!!
At the meeting we discussed
Our non profit status... we are still waiting on the IRS! Leap of Faith Horse Ministry is a ministry of Mexia Baptist Church, so if you need a deduction receipt for donations you can write a check to Mexia Baptist for Leap of Faith Horse Ministry, and we will receive the donation & you will receive your tax credit! Thank You Mexia Baptist!
Our new checking account.
We need helmets- all sizes- They are $30.00 each.
We also have a growing need for another pony or small horse.
I will be selling 2 TB mares and a weanling... all proceeds will go to LOFHM! call me if your interested!!
Volunteer training... is open to all volunteers & board members, anyone interested in the ministry...
Currently going on at LOFHM:
We are helping special needs participants!! :)
Giving Pony Ride Birthday parties!!
Riding lessons & Horsemanship Lessons!!
Cowboy Church!! This Saturday!! Oct 3 @ 5PM- It will be loads of fun!! Chuck wagon stew$5.00, Trick Roper, Pony Rides, Silent Auction,Gospel Bands, Contempary Band, Singers, Worship, Arena round up!
Also in October-
We are going to have a float in the Excel Parade!! The special needs class from Excel may help decorate a float!!:) If you are interested in helping please call.
Special needs class from Excel will come to LOFHM for a field trip.
We also discussed having a float in the Frisco & Monroeville, & Excel Christmas parades!!
Alot going on!!! How exciting!!!

God is wonderful!! We give him all the praises!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Volunteer training

We had a great volunteer training session this morning!
Thank you to the ladies who came and volunteered!!

Horses are amazing creatures!! We can see ourselves in them. They are not perfect nor are we. Yet, God created us all. He created us unique and special in his own image and for his glory!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Party

We hosted a Birthday party on Saturday, Sept 5. I believe everyone had a great time. Ruby is such a great pony!! We had about 10 kids, ages 4-8 attend the party. The kids groomed her, helped saddle her up, rode her, and gave her carrotts, which she loved!! Several said they would love to have their party with the horses! Hopefully we will have pictures soon.

God is wonderful!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meeting 8/31/09 update

We had a great meeting.
We discussed the Cowboy Church in more detail. Again the date is October 3, 2009. Starting at 5 pm, Pony rides & paint the pony, Chuck wagon supper at 5:30, Service at 6:30 with round up fellowship afterwards. We may have a slient auction, if you know someone who would like to donate , please let us know. We will have a work morning before the cowboy church, if you want to help set up, please come!!
We are open for Hosting Pony Ride Birthday Parties!!
Look for a new paper article to come out a week or so before the Cowboy Church date.
God places people right in our paths, we welcome Barbara to our meeting & are looking forward to working with her. She is a Physical Therapist Assistant!! Praises!!
Bro. Wayne is geared up for Cowboy church!!
Beth has invited us to speak at the Autism group meeting. Sept. 24 @ 6PM!!
Nicole is working on the business cards, donation, & facebook!!
Neal is working on brochures.
Thanks to Ms. Jenny for the liability sign!

Thank you to all those who attended the meeting!!